How to Keep Your Pets Safe in Multiple Situations

Hello everyone and thanks for checking out this week’s post. This week we are talking pet safety. This is a topic I feel very passionate about and I hope if you’re not doing some of these things maybe you will pick up a few things along the way.

I’ll start first with traveling with your pet. This really applies to anyone whether you’re going out for the day some place local with your pet or you are taking a cross country trip in your RV for three weeks. Regardless of the mode of transportation there are things you can do to keep your pet safe. According to The American Humane Society, an estimated 100,000 dogs die from riding in truck beds alone each year. And that doesn’t include the dogs that die from jumping out of car windows or dogs who are unsecured in the car during a collision. Keeping your pet secured in the car is one of the most important things we can do. And I admit I did not even know about car seat belts until about three years ago, now I would never not use it. Especially since recently. At the end of June, I was rear ended at a traffic light. Now luckily Lily was not with me but if she had been, she would have been secured in the back seat. Without a pet seat belt, you have a higher risk of your dog getting severely injured or worse. Now below on the left is the type of seat belt I prefer. It hooks right into the buckle on your car back seat and the clip on the other end attaches to the harness. Now please keep in mind attaching this to the clip on your dogs’ collar could end up choking them. In an accident the motion will likely push the body forward and with the collar cause them to choke, but with a harness on they would not be choked in that same motion. The picture on the right is also a pet seat belt but not my favorite. Of course, something is better than nothing but with this one instead of a clip on the end that hooks to a harness it has a loop. I just do not feel that would be as secure for the dog.

Now again my preference is the one on the left, but I strongly believe that something is going to be much better than not using anything. Personally, what I do is whether Lily is going to the dog park (which is 2 miles from my house) or for a longer car ride she doesn’t get in the car without her harness so I can buckle her up securely. Just makes me feel better as a fur-momma. Also check out under the Resources tab for an additional link. I found a great article on Rover that discusses some additional types of pet seat belt options and booster seats if your little one is smaller. Did you know that some of them have even crash tested? That is awesome.

Next I just wanted to mention what I call the “Pet Pack”. When Lily leaves the house, we need to have certain things on hand just in case, especially if we might be gone for a few hours. Think of it this way you do not leave your house without your purse (for women), cell phone, maybe you grab a bottle of water and you check to see how much gas you have in your car. Well your dog needs certain things too. So, I take my Pet Pack, which is just a little bag with things I may or may not need. First in my bag is going to be dog wipes. These things as I have recently discovered are quite amazing. They are great for just everyday use in between grooming’s, but if you are out and about you never know what your dog may get into and you want to have them clean before getting into the car.  I get mine from PetSmart. They are almost always buy one get one 50% off and each pack comes with one hundred wipes. They are made by Top Paw and the pack of one hundred is $9.99, check them out here. I also carry my Furminator brush, water bottle and of course treats. And regardless where you go the other important item to have is a copy of your dog’s medical records including update copies of the vaccines. Again hopefully you have a fun, safe outing with your dog but if something should happen you will more than likely not be close to your vet and you may need to go elsewhere and they will need to know specific things about your dogs health. Also, if your dog is on any medication make sure to have that as well.

Next I did want to touch upon pet safety for storms. Like I have said I live in Florida where hurricanes are a common worry and being prepared for yourself and your pet is a priority, especially if you live in a flood zone. Parts of Florida flood even after a few hours of heavy rain, and I know other parts of the country are the same. Whether you deal with, hurricanes, tornados or heavy rain and flooding knowing what to do could save you and your pets lives.

According to FEMA things you should keep in your pet emergency kit are the following, food and water for three days, medications medical records and first aid kit, collar with id tag, harness, leash (include backups), crate or carrier, a picture of you and your pet together, important documents (registration and vaccinations), familiar items (toys, blankets, treats and bedding), and plastic bags for cleaning up. In the event of an emergency make sure you bring them inside. Some pets may experience anxiety during storms so make sure to reassure them (this is where having those familiar items will sometimes help). Also, they suggest feeding your pet moist or canned food, this will prevent them from having to drink more. And lastly have some newspapers on hand will be helpful. Your pet won’t be able to go outside for a while, so you’ll want to keep things as sanitary as possible inside the home.  Here’s a downloadable guide to help you build your kit for your pet, just click here.

I hope this information has been helpful or for some of you maybe just a refresher as we get into the stormy season across much of the country. I know here in Florida we are already rocking and rolling with are summer showers and hurricanes as of recently. I will also provide a PDF of my “Pet Pack” if you are looking for a quick checklist of suggestions of what to have for simple local day trips or overnight trips with your pets. Just check out the Resources tab above.

Please comment below your thoughts and as always you can send myself or Lily a message at

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