The Road So Far…..

Lily and I have come along way. This year of 2019 we celebrated 3 years together and it has been adventurous.

After making Lily part of my family, we enjoyed living in Arizona for roughly two years. In that time we did some traveling and I learned very quickly that Lily’s favorite thing to do is lay on the couch with her mommy.

Our first adventure was going to California for Labor Day. I know what you’re thinking, why would I choose a holiday to go someplace that is going to be packed. And although that was very true for the Newport Beach area, I surprisingly found the best hotel rate I had seen in months. I always wanted to take a trip out to Cali, it was after all only 6 hours from Phoenix, but every time I looked for a hotel it was always just so darn expensive, so I passed. Once we finally got there, I wanted to go to so many places there just wasn’t enough time. First on our list was Laguna Beach, I had always heard it was so pretty and boy was it. Lily enjoyed playing at the dog park and making new friends.

Our next stop was our hotel in Newport, it was pretty nice and just about a 10 minute drive to Newport Beach and Balboa Pier. We found a nice quiet spot to lay out a towel and watch the waves roll in, or so I thought. I did not realize how rough the Pacific Ocean was and after a few minutes a wave came up and engulfed us before I could even comprehend what had happened. My beach towel became a prisoner of the ocean. I was however, able to react quick enough to pick up my bag which had my keys and phone inside. Lily on the other hand was incredibly freaked out, but I feel like she knew what was going to happen. She seemed hesitant to settle in at that spot in the beginning. So all in all I learned next time just listen to my dog.

We were only in Cali for two days but I really wanted to go visit the Santa Monica Pier. After circling the area for almost an hour I was finally able to find an over priced place to park. Though busy, it was still very pretty and the pier looked just like it did from pictures I’d seen, however we were not there long. Lily got a bit nervous with the large crowds and ultimately it was better for us to leave and start our drive back home.

My little girl is definitely a bit stubborn and I think she has learned if she doesn’t like something eventually I will give in to her. I guess I need to work on this.

Anyway our next adventure was a trip to the mountains. This was November of 2017 and by this time I knew I was moving back home the end of February of 2018. All I wanted was to enjoy a nice mountain trip where I could enjoy the peacefulness of a rustic cabin with a fire going in the background, but with some modern indoor conveniences like a bathroom.

Once again Lily proved to be stubborn. It takes her a while sometimes to warm up to new places and it was quite a while before she settled. But this trip went much better then our Cali trip. As you can see from the pictures below we were really set away from big towns and our cabins had a creek running right through the area. The crisp mountain area was very refreshing and definitely an experience I recommend to everyone. The area is the Christopher Creek Cabins located in Payson, AZ. It is pet friendly and budget friendly as well. You can bring your own food and supplies as you have a kitchen with a microwave and a refrigerator. They even supply camping style plates and silverware for use while you’re there. And if you are trying to escape the heat from Phoenix, at an elevation of 6800 feet, you will definitely find cooler temperatures.

After returning back from our mountain experience, we started the process to slowly pack up little things here and there over the next four months. And boy oh boy what a job that was. I though I was being diligent by starting so early to save time in the long run, but even in the last week before our departure there was still so much to do. I was so exhausted and I hadn’t even started the thirty-one hour trip from Phoenix, AZ to Tampa, FL yet.

The trip took three and a half days, which all things considering, was not too bad. We did make a stop along the way. One thing I will fill you in on is I love watching HGTV in my spare time so of course I went to Waco, TX to visit where Chip and Joanna Gaines started. Their shop was amazing! If I had only had more room in my car I would have definitely bought more. If you choose to go you must fast for a week first to make room for all the yummy cupcakes you will want to eat at the bakery. That is one stop you will not want to miss.

Along our journey home we ran into dust storms in Texas that actually blew tumbleweeds across the road. It looked like something out of a western movie. But we made it home to Florida safe and sound. Lily actually started to settle in quite well to her new home. She loves the extra attention she gets from having my mom and dad around, especially my mom who we call Granny. Granny gives Lily lots of extra lovin and yummies when I am at work.

And now here we are, all settled in to life in Florida. Since being home we did take a road trip to Charlotte, NC to visit my aunt. Lily had a blast. My aunt has a beautiful two story, brick house and Lily had it all to herself (no other doggies to share it with). You’ll see in the picture below she was quite comfortable there.

We hope to do a lot more traveling that we can share with all of you. And along the way share some tips and tricks and things I have learned along about pet parenting.

You now know the story of Lily and her mommy. I am looking forward to this new journey we are embarking onto together.

Have a Paw-sitive Day!!

-Nicole and Lily

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